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The Mother Remembers
The Mother Remembers
Searing Pain.
Instant Anguish.
Eternal Regret.
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Escape from Ordinary
It was Monday, the tail end of my two-day weekend, since I had worked the Saturday before.  My husband was gone on yet another trip to one of the obscure outer islands, and I was home with Lelu, our adorable Doberman/German Shepherd mix dog and Simba, our tan and white striped cat.  Working quietly around the house, I began to notice a soft rain falling outside.  Entranced by the melodious sounds, I stepped outside to hear it more clearly.
Softly, softly, it fell, gently pitter-pattering on the roof and sidewalk around me.  With it almost more of a mist than a rain, I stood hovering between the covered porch and the ever-dampening sidewalk in the open.  As I stood in the quiet beauty of this soft, gentle rain, I felt the world slip softly away.  For that time, it was only me, the rain, and my union with the earth.  
A song began to sing in my heart while I bathed luxuriously in the elegance of the moment.  
:iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 1 1
At the Supermarket
At the Supermarket
They say I was Mugged.
They say I was Brave,
Chasing after him in all of my rage.
But what is so brave about chasing $12?
Who was more desperate, the man or the muggee?
I wasn't a victim, but they say I am.
I chased after him and tackled that man.
I didn't stand by or wait for no help,
I hauled ass behind him and tackled that whelp.
The crowd of people gathered to watch,
Stood idly by with thumbs up their crotch.
Only one person, a store employee,
Helped tackle that man with as much glee as me.
Together we stopped him, together it worked --
Two tackles, two grabs, and back was my purse.
Although the mugger then up got away,
I had my purse, it was here to stay.
So they say I was Mugged, they say I was brave,
But all I wanted was my purse to save.
I guess they should tell them at mugger-to-be school,
If you steal from this woman, you're really a fool.
:iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 1 4
Reaching for a Fallen Star
The last time I saw my father was in Grand Central Station.  I stood there, waiting for the train, with all my worldly possessions packed snugly into the suitcase beside me, and I wondered if I was doing the right thing.  Was I really going to make it?  Did I have the talent to merit this jump?  
As if he could hear the doubts in my mind, Papa turned and remarked how proud he was that I was following my dreams.  Papa wasn’t one for giving compliments lightly, and he had never said he was proud of me before.  His confidence helped to calm the jitters that were quickly forming in my stomach.  
Papa had robbed most of his and Mama’s nest egg just to get me this one-way ticket.  This one shot at Stardom.  He always said, “Shoot for the stars – if you miss, you’ve still hit the moon, and that’s a whole lot farther than most people ever dream of getting.”  So
:iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 1 4
Tick-tock the time is told,
Hour by hour we all grow old.
Withering whiskers worried to white
Casket closed, caulked up tight.
:iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 3 14
Einstein's Theory of Relativit
Einstein's Theory of General Relativity
"According to Einstein, gravity is not a force which pulls on things; rather, it is a curvature of space and time caused by the presence of a nearby massive object, it will appear to be pulled towards it, but in reality, it isn't being pulled at all.  It is actually moving along the same straight line that it was moving along in empty space, but this straight line will now look like it is curved, due to gravity's warping of the underlying 'space-time' continuum" (A).  According to an online encyclopedia, this can be further explained "…that gravitation is not a force, as understood by Newtonian physics, but a curved field (an area of space under the influence of a force) in the space-time continuum that is actually created by the presence of mass" (G).  Einstein's theories revolutionized the scientific community, and expanded our ability to understand the space and time around us.  Gravity was no longer a f
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What I See In Your Eyes
What I See In Your Eyes
I see your anger, it's righteous too,
Whatever has he done to you?
You've determined that no one else
Will suffer the sins done to your self.
Anger that you keep locked away
Has made you the woman you are today.
But anger only hides the pain,
And you are suffering under the strain.
You're not the only broken one,
And in this world you're not alone.
:iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 1 11
Bus Ride
Bus Ride
He boarded the bus with a big blue box
                   that said "Pro Wings" on the side—
Hiding inside was a little grey bird,
                   along for a secret free ride.
When he opened the box, out popped
                   the bird, singing for all to hear.
Looks of wonder and gasps of surprise
                   came from all who were near.
But one little child climbed right up, ascending the seat beside,
                   asking of all he did know.
Will the bird ever fly?  Did you find h
:iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 2 9
A Beautiful Winter Day by FreeTigress A Beautiful Winter Day :iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 1 9 Mt. Baker on the Edge by FreeTigress Mt. Baker on the Edge :iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 1 4 Badlands Rock Formation by FreeTigress Badlands Rock Formation :iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 0 0 Misty Day in the Badlands by FreeTigress Misty Day in the Badlands :iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 3 1
Memorial Service
I came here not to say goodbye,
And I came here not to sit and cry.
I came to honor you this day,
Remembering you my own special way.
Your body's presence matters not --
For in my heart you're not forgot.
If I close my eyes I still see you --
When I look real hard I see me too.
We run and we run, and dance and play
With not a care to upset the day.
The fields are lush and bright and green --
More beautiful than any I've ever seen.
Our joy bubbles forth like a brand new spring
And our hearts can't help but dance and sing.
What is this place where life's forgot?
And cares and worries are never fraught?
What is this place where love abounds
And tears and sorrow are never found?
This elegant spot is perfect for you --
With flowers and roses and little birds too.
In this place where beauty flows
You stand out as the loveliest rose.
This must be heaven, I know it now
For sadness He would ne'er allow.
When I see you here I cannot cry,
And never will I say goodbye.
I'm coming back, you hear th
:iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 4 5
2005 Winter Solstice Full Moon by FreeTigress 2005 Winter Solstice Full Moon :iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 3 7 The Arch, a Side View by FreeTigress The Arch, a Side View :iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 3 9 Stonehenge 3 by FreeTigress Stonehenge 3 :iconfreetigress:FreeTigress 3 10

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Kit - now married!
United States
Current Residence: I moved -- it's classified. :-P
Favourite genre of music: I love almost all music
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams!!!!!!!! GENIUS!!!
Operating System: Oh wouldn't you like to know? ;-)
Shell of choice: Ummmm.....conch? *chuckle*
Wallpaper of choice: The kind I don't have to scrape off......
Favourite cartoon character: Father Time from the Smurfs
Personal Quote: "Success is the result of a refusal to accept the complacency of the status quo." ~ME
I've taken on a new challenge.  We have 900+ movies that can be watched for free at the apartment complex where I live.  In a quest to discern just what it means to "have fun," I have decided to watch each and every one of them, starting at the beginning.

It has been a most unique and surprising adventure.  I'm coming out of the numbered section now, and just finished watching "28 Days Later."  Hubby loves this movie, and I find myself just deeply disturbed by it.  I'm sure it's his fascination with human nature that draws him to the movie and it's my disgust with people's thrills to kill that repulses me from it, but I watched it anyhow.  The most redeeming quality about this film is that it was shot in England.  

The most surprising thing I have learned so far in my adventure is that movies I would never have picked up off the shelf actually turned out to be good.


8 Seconds (a bull-riding cowboy movie with a super sad ending)

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (a B&W movie that makes me wonder if it was the inspiration for RHPS with a fascinating insight into the 1940's.)

10,000 BC (What a movie!  I would never have touched this with a 10-ft pole, but it was FABULOUS!)

2 Fast 2 Furious (I hated "The Fast and the Furious" so I thought I'd hate this one too, but it turned out to be the only one of the series i liked!)

To Kill a Mockingbird (Okay, so I had seen this before, as well as having read the book, but something made me want to see it again, and I was amazed that this time watching through it I actually gained an understanding of Mayella's motivation for turning on Tom Robinson)

I've been instructed by someone I respect very much to "learn how to have fun."  It seemed like an easy enough process until I actually tried to do it.  It was then that I learned just how stuffy I really am.


The quest continues.  I actually danced in an empty clubhouse yesterday.  *GASP*
  • Listening to: The fan on hubby's computer
  • Reading: A bunch of french cookbooks -- I have no idea why.
  • Playing: Um...nothing. :(
  • Eating: Nothing, my stomach's upset.
  • Drinking: Water.


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